Prole2: I want to STOP!

Me: Are you ok?

Prole2: Yes. I want to STOP!

Me: You aren’t doing anything.

Prole2: Yes I am, I am dreaming.

Me: Are you?

Prole2: Yes and you said if I was dreaming and I did not like it I could shout “I want to stop’ inside my dreams and it might get me out.

Me: But you are not in a dream. You are in the kitchen.

Prole2: Yes but the floor is all funny and wobbly and I am dreaming.

Me: Ahhh…no, that’s motion sickness. Do you still feel like you did on the ferry.

Prole2: Yes, am I sick?

Me: Not…well we call it sick, hopefully if you get a good night’s sleep it won’t be there in the morning.

Prole2: So I am sick, not dreaming?

Me: Um..sea sick…sort of.

Prole2: So I don’t have to go to school tomorrow?

Me: is half way through the holidays.

Prole2: I am sick. Do I have to go to school tomorrow?

Me: UMmmm…no, no you don’t have to go to school; tomorrow.

Prole2: YES! Yes, yes, yes, Yes!

Me: Good night.