I sort of made a promise to myself that I would not write about ‘writing’ if I could help it.

Lots of people do and they do it better than I ever could.
I don’t consider myself a writer because I sit here every day and do this, any more than I consider myself a cook or a driver or a child minder. It is something I just do as part of the day.
I used to make short films every now and then with Loz but I would never consider ‘film maker’ as part of my make up.

I do try to write each day and posting on WordPress is an easy way to challenge myself.

I find myself at a bit of an impasse.
We are on holiday and there is too much and not enough.

But I did say I would try to post every day so I do have to face this screen at least once a day.

The stuff I feel confident with writing about is the stuff with just me and them.

On a holiday like this it is hard to comb out the moments.

Just one moment from today then:

On the way across the fields today Prole1 and Prole2 had a dandelion clock fight.

It took ages.

I can’t tell you who the winner was.

Probably me.