The Proles share a room.

I have a bedroom.

We are one bedroom short in this house.

My room is quite small.
Box room at best.

I don’t have any money either but I sit and think about it.

If I turned the stairs round and moved the partition wall upstairs then built a stud wall and knocked out a new window I might have room for another box room upstairs.

Or, If I turned the stairs through ninety degrees and slid them bad into one corner of the kitchen I could turn the landing and stair well into a bedroom with it’s own window but I would lose half the bathroom.

Or, if I turned the stairs round and left the landing where it is I could put in a partition wall and…no the doors wouldn’t open.

Or, if I put in sky lights I could divide the bathroom and landing lengthways and have the bedroom with the window and the bathroom with a skylight?

Or, I could build an extension on the back of the house and convert the living room into a bedroom?

Or, I could build up over the back kitchen and put in a conservatory on the back of the house…

Some nights I wander round with a tape measure and try to work it all out.

I have no real intention of doing any of this.

As I say, I don’t have any money.

i do what most of my friends do though and imagine what I will do when I win the Lottery.
Not if.
I am positively certain I will win the Lottery.

I know this because the adverts are dropping some pretty heavy hints that it is likely.

Millions probably.

I used to think I would instantly retire, buy a big house and live off the interest or something.
There were speed boats in this fantasy and some non specific swishing around in suits.
And happiness. Lots of happiness.
All paid for.

When I met Loz I was disgusted to hear what her winning millions on the lottery fantasy was.
She wanted to give it all away.

Give it all away?

What kind of a messed up person is given MILLIONS and then gives it away?
What kind of messed up person even dreams of being given MILLIONS and then give it away?

But we spent ages talking about it.
Money, wages that is, do not make you more happy above a certain level.
That level is just above the average but it is still no much.
Having all that money means you have to change your social circle.
You could lose all your friends.
Why would you keep a load of money that was statistically making you unhappy?

Better to set up a trust to pay yourself the optimum wage.
Now you are being paid a good but not obscene amount of money, all your friends would talk to you again.

Then you could work for the trust you set up and give away all the rest of the millions.
You would be your own boss, free from the tax man and you could choose what or who to give your money to.

This was Loz’s elegant plan for when she won millions.

Every pound spent on the lottery is someone’s dream of a better life.
Millions of pounds are millions of broken dreams.

Why would you want to store so much disappointment and then spend it on World-Resource-Sapping-Nonsense?
Would it come as a surprise if it made you unhappy?

She totally changed my attitude to winning the lottery.

This in turn made me realise how lucky I am already.

I don’t mind that I can’t get another room for free in this house.
It is a squash and a squeeze but it is home.

I am content to know that I am going to win the lottery and give it all away one day.

I really must start buying tickets.