The Proles are sharing a bed.

Prole1 is reading Smurf books to Prole2.

They are doing this quietly for the first two or three pages but once they get into the story it gets noisy again.

Prole1 has the top bunk.
He has all his cuddly toys laid out at the end of his bed in height order, tallest at the back.
A couple of them are reading books.

The only cuddly toy not included is his toy Flamingo.
That’s it’s name as well, Flamingo.
Flamingo was bought by Loz and set aside for Prole1’s fourth birthday.
She must have done this at least four months before his birthday so it shows how organised she was.
I always buy all birthday presents on the way to the party, usually from Tescos.
Flamingo sleeps on the ‘tooth pillow’, a special pillow with a pocket on the front for easy storage of teeth, should they fall out and the tooth fairy is expected.
It was Loz’s pillow when she was small and it has it’s own corner of the bed.
He has decorated the walls around his bed with pictures of the solar system and the evolutionary ascent of man.
His books are piled up on top of the wardrobe behind his head and often come tumbling down in a slide of words and noise.

Prole2 has piled some toys up on the end of his bed.
He sleeps at the other end.
He keeps a spare pillow handy in case the cat nicks his in the middle of the night.
He has a single piece of cotton hanging from the bunk above .
I don’t know what it is for, I am not allowed to touch it.

When I first moved Prole2 into the bed instead of the cot the first thing Prole1 did was come down from the top bunk and get into bed with his brother.

We laughed and I asked him to go back to his bed.

When I went up later he was back in the bottom bunk, asleep.

I gently moved him back up to the top.

I love the way small children will sleep through just about everything.

Prole2 woke up a couple of times in the night but went back to sleep in his new bunk.

When I went in the next morning I found them both in bed, arms round each other, fast asleep.

I did not insist that Prole1 slept in his own bed after that.
I told them both who had which bed and said they could sort it out between them.

Sometimes, if Prole2 is a little worried about the dark he negotiates a pass to the top bunk.
When this happens I find all the cuddly toys on the floor and Prole2 under the duvet in their usual place.
This also seems to be the only time the cats call a truce and they are often to be found, stretched out between the boys.

Bed times are early.
I have worried a bit about this.
I think I may be sending them to bed early so I get a bit of piece and quiet.
I have experimented with later bedtimes but I realise it just totally threw my own routine.

Once the Proles have gone to bed I get to do what I want.

I usually do nothing at all but it is still what I want to do.

A later bedtime for them meant half an hour less of me doing nothing.

I think if there were someone else in the house i might let the Proles stay up longer and celebrate the boys a bit more.
Right now I have to work hard to make sure I don’t resent my own children.
That would be bad.

The Proles are very accommodating about this and spend the time reading books, talking, singing songs and occasionally fighting with fists.
More often than not they are really good and quiet.

I am really grateful for that.
I suppose things will have to change again soon but for now it is very soothing, listening to the story of the ‘Smurfette’ through the muffled filter of the kitchen ceiling.

I like the sound.