Prole2 went to after school Science Club today.

He LOVES Science Club.

Me and Prole1 sat in the living room and read Smurf books at each other and ate crumpets.

Prole1 was clearly really excited to have some time away from Prole2.

We got our shoes on to go and collect him.

Prole1: Wow, Dad. that was really good fun. We should do it again some time.

Me: Yes. Shall we do it again when your brother is around?

Prole1: No, I mean not having him around is fun and we should do it more often.

Me: Ah. I see.

Prole1: Same time next week?

Me: Yes, ok.

Prole2 had made a Journey Stick.
He clearly thinks it is the most impressive thing he has ever created.
He gave me a run down of the composite parts of the journey stick on the way home.

A more jaded parent might suggest that all they did was walk around the playground and pick up litter and tape it to a stick but Prole2 carried it in the manner of an ancient Shamen and I made the encouraging noises of a parent trying to work out how long I had to keep it in the house before I ditched it.

When we got in Prole1 noticed it for the first time.

He pointed at the twenty two inch branch Prole2 had brought back.

Prole1: What is it?

Prole2: It’s a Journey Stick.

Prole2 waved the stick in a mildly threatening way.
He did the funny staring thing he does when he has something important in his life.
It was a stick.
It had four lengths of wool sello taped to it at intervals along it’s length.
The pieces of wool had a leaf, a paperclip, a red ribbon and a milk bottle top taped to the various ends.

He carried on waving it vaguely, occasionally hitting the kitchen chair.

The cats watched the wool.

Prole1: Does it go on a journey?

Prole2: No it’s for when you go on a journey.

Me: Please don’t hit the chair with that.

Prole1: Like a walking stick?

Prole2: No.

Prole1: Like a…thing for carrying things?

Me: Please stop hitting the chair with that.

Prole2: Carrying? No.

Prole1: Does it go on the journey with you?

Prole2: Yes and it has things from places on it.

Prole1: Places you have to go?

Me: You keep hitting the chair, can you stop it please?

Prole2: No, places you have been.

Prole1: You take things from places you have been with you?

Me: Can you two hear me?

Prole2: No, you take things from places you go to.

Prole1: Why?

Proe2: To tell you where you have been.

Prole1: Where are these things from?

At this point our big black tomcat could take it no more and tried to kill the leaf.
Prole2 expertly swung the stick out of the cat’s way and carried on talking.

I scooped up the cat and put him on the stairs.

Prole2: Well we went on a journey around the playground and I found this leaf at the top  and I stuck it on and we walked down and I got this…this…thing…

Me: Paperclip? Stop hitting the chair please.

Prole1: Paperclip?

Prole2: Paperclip and I found this leaf when we went over to the other side and then this ribbon. Where did I find this ribbon? Oh yes in the bush on the floor. And I found this leaf and I stuck them on.

Prole1: What about the bottle top?

Proe2: What bottle top?

I got up and gently lifted the Journey Stick out of Prole2’s hands. I put it on the side.

Prole2: Bottle top? I told you.

Prole1: No you didn’t.

Prole2: I did, I got the leaf from…somewhere and the bottle top was in the bush.

Prole1: I thought the ribbon was in the bush?

Prole2: No the ribbon was…wait a minute…the ribbon was in the bush the bottle top was by the bin…the thing…

Prole1: Paperclip?

Prole2: Yes the paperclip, that was on the ….HEY! WHERE HAS MY STICK GONE? I HAD IT RIGHT HERE IN MY HAND!

I can’t wait for next week’s Science Club.