The kitchen table has been a lego city all week.

After two days of building and tinkering I stopped by to see how things were going.

Me: Looks good. Which bit did you do?

Prole1: I did this half. This is the garden where they all meet, these guys standing in the garden are in a queue for the shop. The shop, as you can see, has a counter and this is where the assistants can take your order.
Behind them is the second counter where the people from the warehouse put the orders together and deliver them to the assistants.
Up on top here is the office and control centre. That lady there is in charge of everything. She passes messages and reads the sensors and has all computers and boxes. He is in charge of the warehouse and they are in charge of the assistants.
Out the back is the service road where motor bikes or trucks or small spaceships can pick up or deliver.
That’s the security guard.

Brilliant. Prole1 has designed Argos with a three tier management system.

Me: Right, good, what about you?

Prole2: I made all these mobiles and space ships.

Me: What a lot of cars and …things. Did you make that building as well?

Prole2: Yes. It’s a cage where baddies go. There is a big lock on the door and strong walls and all guns all over and cameras and things and if they try to get out all these guys on top bash them and catch them. Look, he has a thing and it spins and his thing is bigger than he is and can sweep down like this…BASH!

And Prole2, true to form, has designed a series of improbable vehicles and a Maximum Security Prison.

Me: Are there any houses? Do the people live anywhere in your city?

Silence as the Proles stare at their work.

The silence becomes uncomfortable.

Me: What is your city called?

The Proles stare at the table some more.

Me: Does the city have a name?

Prole2: It’s called ‘No Bedroom City’.

Sadly the No Bedrom City, has been tidied away.

It was a nice place to visit but I am fairly pleased it has gone.