Just a quick word before bed. Sorry I don’t have time for more.

Prole2 has been playing with a puppy.

Well it’s not actually a puppy, it is a two year old dog but being a Jack Russel and fairly sprightly it amounts to the same thing really.

Tonight he spent about twenty minutes on a rug in the front room playing, wrestling, rolling over and under and hiding from the dog.
All he did from start to finish was laugh and giggle.
He was so very happy and so very cute.

We have cats in our house and I have been wiping bottoms for so long now that the thought of another mouth to feed, another life to sap emotion from me and another digestive system to produce waste which is somehow my problem fills me with….extreme apathy and blank incomprehension.

Incidentally, as far as I can make out. looking after animals and children essentially means shovelling stuff in at one end and shovelling it away at the other.
It may be food, it may be emotion, it may be information, it may be training but putting stuff in at one end produces all sorts of fall out at the other.
Ultimately it is your job to deal with this.

Prole2 would obviously gain a lot from hanging around with a puppy and then a dog.
He would have a friend and a confidant, a playmate and a loyal companion.
Since Prole1 would feel left out of this there would doubtless be a move for another so they could both experience the special bond human beings have with dogs.

I would essentially have two more mouths to feed, two animales that would need walking every day, a series of political and physical skirmishes to negotiate between feline and canine and a whole heap of poo to pick up.
Every day.

I don’t care how cute he looks, until we win the lottery and all move to that big farm in the country, Prole2 is not getting a puppy.