Today we drove through floodwaters to get to visit family.

I followed the Sat-nav.

I had already ignored it a couple of times as it tried to take me to the bottom of the valley but this time it looked like we were headed round the flood.

We were not headed around the flood.

Last night the wind and rain had been coming in at over fifty miles an hour.

Today, sometimes it was quite beautiful.

It was calm by the time we came to drive through and the sun had come out.

The water was reflecting the sunlight up onto the underside of the trees above.
Whole areas of water were lit up where the canopy of leaves thinned and the brown muddy floodwaters shone.

There were flood markers every few hundred yards, we drove for about ten minutes through the water.

As we got further and further away from the road we came in on I started to get nervous.

There seemed to be  lack of places to turn round.

The further we went into the valley it became incrementally deeper.

I could feel the car start to lose power.
I wondered whether driving fast or slow was better.
I realised I had no idea.

Steam was starting to escape through the bonnet of the car.
The water must have been deep enough to splash onto the engine or other hot parts of the car.

No where to turn round.

The nerves around my ears and down my arms began to jangle.

I could not say with any great certainty where I was.

If I had to call for help I was not sure I could tell them where we were.

I knew I had waterproofs and boots in the car but only ones that would serve me in water this deep.

If we lost power to the car completely we would be stuck for heavens knew how long.

There was a sweet taste in my mouth.
I taste this some times when a bus swerves to avoid me or the Proles walk too close to the edge.
I actually used to quite enjoy the taste, once of a day.
It was adrenalin.

It usually arrives in a shock.
It has been a long time since it had crept up on me like that.

I was scared.
Scared but suddenly thinking really clearly.
Just don’t panic, keep going, keep going.

And we did, and this time the waters got shallower and we came out of it.

I don’t lke to be scared, not with the Proles.
I work hard not to get into that position.

It was a long ten minutes.

I was a terribly irresponsible person once.

He seems to have gone.