Today I went to see Prole1’s teacher for a one to one session.

Prole1 is a different person at school.

it is like watching an aquatic mammal sometimes.
On the dry land beyond the school gates he is agile enough to stay out of trouble and you can have a reasonable conversation with him.
Within the warm waters of Junior School he is gone and away.

He just loves it.
It’s like watching someone play their favorite computer game, watch their favorite tv show or ride on a roller coaster over and over again.

It’s like he is on speed.
Not that I know anything about that, of course, but I have read books….

He marched along the corridors on springs like he was going to take off, he spoke to everyone he saw, he organized books and talked about all the pictures on the walls.

There were a lot of pictures.
They were mostly of rugby players.
He talked about tone and athleticism, he talked about textures and montage.
He talked about the importance of planning and diagrams and the class spirit.
He talked about teams and the physical forces that affect the game of rugby like gravity.

Frankly it was exhausting.

In the meeting his hands fluttered when he talked.
He sat with his legs crossed and leaning back in his chair, occasionally leaning forward with a look of keen interest on his face.
He laughed, he illustrated points with firm gestures.

His teacher held the meeting as a conversation between him and Prole1.
In fact I said nothing.
Sometimes to make myself feel better I would cough and say “yes, yes” or “Oh, no, no” but frankly I brought nothing to the conversation.
Prole1 did his ‘thanks for trying’ face at least twice.
His teacher was looking so a ‘Chinese-Burn’ was out of the question.

When asked what he would do to make the school better he fell silent for a moment, he looked up at the light, he steepled his fingers and rested his chin upon them for a moment.

Prole1: I don’t believe you can improve any one school. Each school is different, full of different people. I don’t think anything I said could change that many people. It would take years, maybe three or four years, for a change like that to happen. I would be in year six or seven by then.

Outside in the corridor he was in deep thought and worried.

Prole1: I answered that question because I thought he was talking about the people that make up the school, do you think he meant the lessons and things we do each day? Or was it about the building? What do you think Dad?

He was rocking gently from foot to foot and frowning.

I have no idea who he is sometimes.

I think I might have accidentally raised Jeremy Paxman.

We got home and me and Prole2 sat on him and watched ‘SpyKids’.