Me: Are you sure you want to move your Rook there?

Prole1: Castle.

Me: Rook.

Prole1: It does not look like a bird. It looks like a castle.

Me: It was named thousands of years ago, it’s called a Rook or a Castle.

Prole1: Why would you call it a Rook?

Sometimes as a Dad you don’t want to be caught without Google around.

Me: I think it is because a Rook is a type of Crow and they are supposed to fly straight.

Prole1: Really?

No, not really, I had just made that up but it seemed plausible.

Me: I think so.

Prole1: But the Bishops move in straight lines too?

Me: Yes but they are closest to the King and Queen so they represent the Church.

Prole1: Really?

Me: I think so….

Prole1: But…so the Rook is named after the bird and the Bishop is named after it’s place on the board?

Me: I think so.

I didn’t think so any more.
I was not sure what I thought any more.
Except he was bound to tell someone all the guff I was making up.

Prole1: Have you ever seen a Rook flying?

Me: Have you ever seen a moving Castle?

Prole1: Call it what you like I suppose. Anyway Castle, yes, what about it?

Me: You want to put it here?

Prole1: Yes.

Me: Sure?

Prole1: Yes..sure…why??

Me: Well take it back, put it where it was. Now what will happen if you put it there?

Prole1: Well…I… I think it will threaten your knight?

Me: Yes? But?

Prole1: But? Well, it adds support to my queen which is defending against your bishop, if you take the pawn with your knight I can take your Queen and if you take my Castle with your Knight I can take you back and you will be in check.

Me: Yes. Good.  As long as you can see all that, good. Well done.

Proel1: Thanks Dad. Where are you going to go?

Me: Just give me a minute….just give me a minute…..