In Wookey Hole there is an arcade, an arcade of slot machines that date from the thirties through to the seventies.
You can go to the money booth and swap your change for old pennies and play on the machines.

It is a little like a time warp and took me back to visits to Blackpool with my Great Grandfather ‘Pops’.
He took me to the arcade to play on the penny sliders, walked along the prom and taught me to steal the sugar from the cafes.
Next morning I had it on my Cornflakes at his house. I spent ages tearing the tops off the sugar packets and pouring brown sugar into the bowl.

The Proles had a great time playing on the bagatelle machines, I got to look at “What the Butler Saw” and the Cannon Emeritas of Salisbury Cathedral took the Proles round his favourite machine and automata.

At no point in the visit did he teach the Proles how to steal the condiments but I think they enjoyed themselves none the less.

There were several fortune telling machines.
You put a penny in the slot and got a small rectangle of card with a printed message on it.

Prole2 was none too impressed by the ‘TV Fortune Teller’ and shrieked in fear before hopping away accross the floor. I had to collect his card for him.
It took a moment to find him under the table hockey game.

Me: Do you want to hear it?

Prole2: No.

Me: Will you come out?

Prole2: No.

Prole1 put a Penny into the Champagne Charlie Fortune Teller and brought the card over for me to read out.

Prole1: What’s that?

Me: Its his fortune.

Prole1: Whose?

Me: Your brother’s.

Prole1: Where is he?

Me: He is under there.

Prole1: Where?

Me: There…see his feet sticking out…?

Proel1: What is he doing?

Me: He is hiding. I think he is scared of what the future might hold.

Proel1: What does it hold?

I read Prole2’s Fortune:

You appear controlled but I see deep in your mind you are searching for that special someone.
You are in luck!
Not two minutes ago I read the mind of the most kind and loving person imaginable.
About your age too – and good looking? You Bet!
You’re a perfect match. Trust me.
Quick now….your true love’s over there….
Introduce yourself with a passionate kiss

Prole1: Maybe he went to get a kiss?

Me: I don’t think so. He left before I could read it to him.

Prole1: Can you read mine?

I read Prole1’s fortune.

You are the kind of person who has a modern outlook and is always up-to-date.
I foretell that if you work hard and save you will soon be able to buy all the latest luxuries. I see a new Hoover under your stairs, and a wireless set on your sideboard. Then your wildest dreams will come true – a gramophone!
A friend will offer you a ride in a motor car.
It will lead to a gay adventure you won’t forget!

Prole1: Will it come true do you think?

Me: For you? Probably.

Prole1: If I work hard.

Me: If you work hard.

He took his card and looked at it.

Prole1: Dad?

Me Yes?

Proel1: That word, what does it mean?

Me: Which one?

Prole1: Sideboard?