A large part of the landing is littered with bits and pieces of lego.

By the bathroom door Prole1 is putting the finishing touches to a space ship. Prole2 is busy with a pile of small pieces.

Me: Nice space ship.

Prole1: Thanks, it has a laser here, and a big gun here, these are it’s engines and it has sensors here and here and here so no one can sneak up in it.

Me: Wow, looks good.

Prole1: Yep, and here is where the pilot sits.

Me: Nice.

Prole2: I made this mobile.

He pronounces ‘mobile’ as one might pronounce ‘Bat-mobile’.
He is holding an improbable number of wheels joined together.

Me: It’s a good…thing.

Prole2: Look it goes ZOOMING FAST in this way and that way and that way and all ways.

Me: I…

Prole2: And it has a gun and a thing and the driver is here and he has a jetpack and a gun.

Me: Well…

Prole2: We made bases, I have all the bad guys and stuff and he has all the good guys.

Me: Right…where is your base?

Prole2: It’s here, it’s CAPTAIN SKULL’s base, these are the guns and all the droids look out from here and they can shoot. They have these mobiles and the helicopter is a spaceship and the space pirates can go ZOOMING FAST at the good guys when they attack.

Prole1: My base is here, it’s where the Jedi live, you can see the weapons we have and I have some droids too. They can get around on these speeders and my spaceship can land here.

Me: A lot of guns.

Prole1: Yes, we have a lot of guns because the bad guys have a lot of guns. That’s Master Yoda’s control deck.

Prole2: They have a lot of guns.

Me: Yes. A lot of droids.

Prole1: Yes, a lot of droids. They are all looking after the bases.

There is something odd though and I decide to probe deeper.

Me: Ummm…where are all the guys?

Prole1: What?

Me: Where are all the good guys and bad guys? I can see the droids, where are Captain Skull and the pirates and Yoda and all the Jedi?

Prole2 lifts up a card board box. Under it is a pile of lego figures.

Proel2: They are in here.

Me: Are they fighting?

Prole2: No, that’s the kitchen, Captain Skull is making biscuits and the guys are all helping him to cook.

Prole1: They are going to have a picnic after the next big fight.

Me: Right. That’s nice. Umm. What sort of biscuits?

Prole2: Garibaldi I think. And Jammy Dodgers probably.

Me: Oh, yes of course.