Prole2: Why is Laurel and Hardy funny?

Me: Why is it funny?

Prole2: Yeh. It’s like…really funny. Why?

Me: I don’t know, it just is.

Prole2: But why?

Me: Well, there is a size difference, Laurel is small and Hardy is big but Laurel wears a big coat and Hardy wears one that is too small for him.

Prole2: Yes…

Me: And they are like clowns, innocents really. Laurel is very stupid but capable of great wisdom and Hardy thinks he is more clever and refined than he is.

Prole2: Yep. Ok.

Me: Their attempts to find food or shelter or to do the right thing always get them into more trouble. Every time they get into trouble they fight but we know they love each other really so we like them. And they rely on slapstick and jokes to make us laugh.

Prole2: Yes.

Me: Why do you think they are funny?

Prole2: Because they wore that goat thingy and rode a bike and it crashed so they were on those wheels and when he was trying to hide and Laurel had a bucket…ha ha ha…Laurel had a bucket…ha ha ha…

Prole1: What’s he laughing at?

Prole2: Laurel had a bucket…ha ha ha ha…

Prole1: Ha ha ha…a bucket…he had a bucket….on his head…

I left them in fits of laughter and went to run a bath.