Tonight we tried to decide which film to watch.
We do this quite often as lip service to democracy in the house.

Me: Ok, if you see a film you like say it out loud and if we all agree we can watch it. I will start. Iron Giant.

Proles: NO!

Me: Umm…ok, one of you have a go.

Prole1: Incredible Journey?

Prole2: NO!

Me: Ok, not popular, your turn.

Prole2: Happy feet?

Prole1: NO!

Me: Right, if you say no you have to come up with another solution. Carry on.

Prole1: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Prole2: NO! Lots and Lots of Little Toy Trains?

Prole1: NO! How To Train Your dragon?

Prole2: NO! Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks?

Prole1: NO! The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

Prole2: NO! G-Force?

Prole1: NO! Prince Caspian?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo and the Goblin King?

Prole1: NO! Legend of the Guardians?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword?

Prole1: NO! Wal.E?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo and the Lake Monster?

Prole1: NO! Mary Poppins?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo and the Winter Wonderland?

Prole1: NO! Speed Racer?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire?

Prole1: NO! The Borrowers?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders?

Prole1: NO! Madagascar?

Me: No! NO! No, no, no, no. Not even in jest. Toy Story?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo meets Batman?

Prole1: NO! Singing in the Rain?

Prole2: NO! Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed?

Prole1: NO! Professor Layton Eternal Diva?

Prole2: NO! Is there any more Scooby Doo?

Me: No.

Prole2: Lego adventures?

Prole1: NO! The Wizard of Oz?

Prole2: NO! Loris and Gromit the Wrong Trousers?

Prole1: NO! Robots?

Prole2: NO! Loris and Gromit A Grand Day Out?

Prole1: NO! Singin’ in the Rain?

Prole2: NO! Loris and Gromit A Matter of..what is ti?

Me: Loaf?

Prole2: Loris and Gromit A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Me: Who are Loris and Gromit?

Prole1: Wallace. NO! Astroboy?

Prole2: NO! Loris and Gromit Were Rabbit?

Prole1: NO! Dougal and the Blue cat?

Prole2: NO! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Prole1: NO! Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs?

Prole2: NO! Sean the Sheep?

Prole1: NO! Muppets Treasure Island?

Prole2: NO! Avengers Movie?

Prole1: NO! Next Avengers?

Prole2: NO! Power Puff girls?

Prole1: NO! The Magic Sword?

Prole2: NO! Horton Hears a Who?

Prole1: NO! Ice Age?

Prole2: NO! Ice Age 2?

Prole1: NO! Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs?

Prole2: NO! Thomas: Misty Island Rescue?

Prole1: NO! Chitty Chitty Bang bang?

Prole2: NO! Robots?

Prole1: NO! Bagpuss?

Me: Wait a minute you just said Robots?

Prole2: NO! I mean yes. Yes.

Me: And earlier on you said Robots?

Prole1: Yes I did.

Me: So, shall we watch robots?

Proles: NO!

Me: Right…

Prole1: Muppets, Series 1, Disc 1?

Prole2: NO! Toy Story 2?

Prole1: NO! Muppets, Series 1, Disc 2?

This carried on for some time.

We watched an Iron Man animated series in the end but I have to say the discussion before hand was much more fun.