From Prole1’s School Workbook:


The game’s I play are LEGO, car’s, cuddley toys, chess, hockey and draughts

My cats names are LOLa and pavement
LoLa is a taddy cat
pavement is a tomcat

I like lerning about the cornish langwidge and the historey of cornwall and mineing
I dislike not nowing cornish historey and being scared.

School Poem
The LOUD siren sounded suddenly
and the children ran out to play.
The busy teacher marked quickly
At Assembly time.
A quik child plays grandly
in the playground
A smoove tadle stands quietly
in the class room
A beautiful display stood proudly
on th wall.
A White board Lies still
on the table.

Prole1: Do you like it?

Me: Very much, I like the free expression.

Prole1: I had to plan it all.

Me: Really?

Prole1: Yes. Can’t you tell?

Me: Now you have said it it is obvious, shall we read the rest of the book?

Prole1: Any questions before we move on?

Of course I had a question.
In fact I had many questions.

Not least of these was about his teachers’ attitude to his overt criticism of the Cornish Primary School curriculum.

I had also noticed that in the “My Friends are” section of the page he had written five names, four of them were his teachers and one was a boy who I happened to know had left the school a couple of months ago.

Hockey? Really? In what universe?

Keep it simple, keep it light.

Me: Ummm, well now you ask, what’s a tadle?

Prole1: A tadle? Where?

Me: There is a smoove quiet one in your poem.

Prole1: You are very funny Dad but we have a lot to get through. It’s a TABLE.

Me: Sorry, it’s great, really great.

Prole1 (turning the page) Thank you very much. Less jokes and more looking.

Me: Of course….

No wonder all his friends are teachers.