Prole2: When I grow up can I be an ostrich?

How to answer this without crushing his hopes, play on his sensitivity and damage his creative mind?

Me: I am sorry to say that when you grow up you will not be an ostrich or any other kind of bird. I am sorry.

Prole2: That’s ok. They are rubbish. I want to be a Wrestler. Or a Life Guard.

Prole1: I want to be a Waiter.

Me: Really? Why is that?

Prole1: They are always so polite. I like to be polite.

Me: Yes, well, you live in Cornwall, I am sure your dream will come true at some point.

Prole1: Oh I hope so.

Prole2: Can Wrestlers be polite?

Me: I suppose so. I am not sure that is the point of Wrestling though.

Prole2: I will be a polite Wrestler.


A radically unsuccessful sports entertainer and a low wage service industry professional.

The Proles really know how to crush my hopes, play on my sensitivity and damage my creative mind.