We went to a Winter show in some woods where we meet a Fairy, half way up a tree, who tells the audience to make a wish.

Prole1: Did you make a wish?

Me: Yes I did.

Prole1: I did too, I wished everyone was as happy as they are on their birthday every day. I am glad you made a wish. What was it?

Me: I can’t tell you, it will not come true.

Prole1 (worried): Really?

Prole2: I made a wish.

Me: I am sure it will be ok, just keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone. I am sure it will be fine.

Prole2: Will mine come true?

Me: I am sure it will.

Prole1: What about mine? After I told you and everything?

Me: Well, it’s a pretty big wish, there are a lot of people in the world. 

Prole1: Well I wanted to do some good, to make a difference.

Me: Yes. Um. Well, just keep wishing it and one day it might come true.

Prole1: I might have to wish it again next year. Will it come true if I wish it next year now that I have told you?

Prole2 has been frowning at me for the entire exchange. I don’t like it when he looks at me like that.

Me: I am sure I will forget all about it and then it will be ok.

Prole1: What if I make the wish next year and half way through the next year you remember? Will it stop working?

Prole2: My wish has not come true.

I believe this may be the best escape I am going to get.

Me: Oh, are you sure?

Prole2: Come here, take your hat off.

He reaches up under my hat and I can feel his tiny cold fingers running over my hair and inspecting my scalp.
He steps back, still frowning.

Prole2: Nope. Nothing yet. When will it work?

Me: What was the wish?

Prole2: Well I am not telling YOU. Otherwise it will never come true.

Me: No, I suppose not.

Prole2: Let me have another look.

This time he removes my hat and tilts my head from side to side.

Prole2: No, not yet.

Prole1: Don’t worry. I am sure it will come true if you wish hard enough.

Me: Um, yes, probably.

Prole2 scowls at the top of my head then a radiant smile cracks across his face.

Prole2: It’s going to be brilliant!

Prole1: I hope so.

Me: Yes. Me too.

It may ruin everything to say it here but I really wish I knew what was going on sometimes.