Prole2 is playing with his Wrestling Rumblers Wrecking Truck.

Prole1 is designing images for his Animation Praxinoscope.

I like the quiet evenings.

We walked out across the beach and up onto the towans today.
Prole1 hung around and chatted, Prole2 wandered off and wide, keeping us in eye contact but jumping fro tussock to tussock, picking up snail shells and jumping down dunes.

Prole2: Look at me! I can jump like Kofi Kingston.

He falls over.

Me: Brilliant. Do it again.

Prole2: OK!

Prole1: Can I watch Star Wars later?

Me: No.

Prole1: Why not?

Me: I don’t like you. I have decided you are going to live in the garden from now on. 2014 will be the year of sleeping under the shed. I would let you sleep in the shed but the police won’t let me.

Prole1: Fair enough.

Me: You got any sweets?

Prole1: No. Would you like some Shortbread?

Me: You have shortbread?

Prole1: Only for people who let me watch Star Wars.

Me: You can watch Star Wars.

Prole1: Thanks.

Me: You will have to stand on the doorstep to do it though.

Prole1: Let me in and I will let you have a Polo.

Me: You have Polos?

Prole1: Only for people who let me live in their houses.

Me: Can I have a Polo?

Prole1: Shortbread now. Polo when you let me into the house.

Me: Fair enough.

Prole1: We can dress Prole2 in my clothes. That should fool the police.

Me: Good plan.

Prole1: I like Star Wars.