Prole2 gets a clean bill of health.
Prole1 has a leaky heart valve.
The heart valve is not really much of a problem as 1 in 10 people have this, like being left handed or some such weirdness.
Lots of people never get diagnosed with this and it never affects them.
Just sometimes it can lead to complications.

Sadly his warrantee ran out sometime ago so I can’t get a new one.
The Proles will be referred to a hospital in Bristol for more tests in the New Year.

We have to survive Christmas first.

Prole1: I have to do my reading at the Christmas Carol Service.

I have to admit this is big news. I remember the Christmas season of plays, carol services and stumping around in scarves and gloves in the rain as being totally magical

Me: Brilliant. Which one is it?

Prole1: It’s my one.

Me: No, I mean which one is it in the service?

Prole1: The first one. Well after the introduction. So the second one. But it’s the first reading.

I feel he is missing the point somewhere here.

Me: No I mean, um, what happens?

Prole1: I read it. Out loud.

He is now giving me the look.
This is the look he gives me when he feels I am missing the point somewhere.

Me: No, I know that….

Prole1: Ok, Ok Dad.

Brilliant, now he is telling me to calm down.
He puts his hand on mine.
Time to think right back and try to dredge something up that I remember from Carol services I have been to in my life.
It’s been a long time it seems.
What do they talk about in carol Services?

Me: Which reading is it? What is it about?

Prole1’s look changes, he becomes kindly as if explaining something to a favourite child.

Prole1: It’s my reading. It’s about Christmas.

I decide I will never look at him like that again.

Me: OK…Ok…ok, I know all that. Does it have anything written at the top?

Prole1: Of course.

A tiny, tiny, tiny pause.
Just long enough to make me want to scream and bang my head on the table.
I decide to break the moment.

Me: Is it from the bible or is it the writer’s name?

Prole1: Well. It’s the writers name.

I wish I had never started.
Moments like this are what the X-Box is for.
The X-Box and rum.

Me: What does it say? Who wrote it?

Prole1: It says my name. I wrote it.

Me You wrote it?

Prole1: Yes.

Me: Oh. Really? Brilliant.

Prole1: Yes.

Me: I mis-understood.

The kindly face returns.

Prole1: I have to do MY reading at the Christmas Carol Service.

Me: Yes.

I am so very proud.
He will not forget this Christmas for the rest of his life.

I hope I can resist putting a lump of coal in his stocking but at the moment it’s all I can think of.