Prole2 finally got seen by a heart specialist today.

Prole1 was up for an appointment. I have taken Prole2 along to Prole1’s last two meetings with the doctor.

It had been a long wait and when we got Prole1 in the Cardiologist asked why Prole2 had not been seen with Prole1 in the past.

I said i did not know and he asked if Prole2 had been in the room whilst all the other tests had been done. I said yes.
The Cardiologist leafed through the notes and asked if they had the same mother.

When I said yes he stopped leafing and just sat there for a minute staring at the desk and finally said “Well, I’ve come all the way down from Bristol for this session today, I may as well see another one”

We went back in and plugged Prole2 up.

When he handed the Prole’s notes to the nurses he said

“I saw the brother as well, you will need to fill in all the forms for this, they have not been done before. They will be seen together next time. TOGETHER next time.” and swept off.

I was a bit scared and a little thrilled.

Prole2 was very good at being hooked up to the machines.

I asked him what he wanted for a treat afterwards and he said


Which serves me right for losing concentration as a parent and getting myself into checkmate. I have to keep my promises you see?

Never make a promise you can’t keep.
We have to drive past it on the way home and being a hopeless liberal modern parent I find it hard to say “I forbid you from ever setting foot in that awful place”.

It is awful.

Even if you like it you have to agree it’s awful.

You do don’t you?

Like you know smoking is awful and killing you, really killing you from the inside but you do it anyway.

Really awful.

Awful like Eastenders awful.


The irony of taking the Proles to a burger restaurant as a treat for a successful ECG and scan exploration of potential heart conditions was not lost on me.

We went in and I talked through the menu and the options with the Proles.

Prole2 who was in a state of rapture and had to go to the loo twice, had a cheese burger happy meal, a toy shaped like some steampunk goggles, a big pink milk shake and a big silver balloon that he got off the manager.

Prole1, vegetarian by choice, had some fries.