I told Prole1’s teacher the Proles had brought is grandfather’s flag to show her, the one he had waved at the Coronation.
She asked if I could stay and talk to the kids about it but i had to go to work so she asked if their grandfather could come in to talk about it.
I said that was not possible.
She asked if he had died.
There was a split second silent moment. Death is something that we have discussed before, mostly on the occasion of me coming in because Prole1 was ‘upset’ but when I arrived I found the teacher and a TA in tears and Prole1 doing some colouring in. He never mentioned it again but me, the teacher and the TA all shared a bit of a moment.

She looked a bit panicky so I tried to put her at her ease.
I said no, he had not died and she asked if she had mis-understood and was he ‘away with the fairies’.

Me: Away with the fairies?
Nice Teacher: Yes, I meant doo-lally. Sorry.

We were clearly skating big strides across the thin social ice of playground conversation.
She did look a bit worried at where the conversation was going and I like her a lot.

Me: I think he is in Bradford upon Avon but as far as I can make out it’s the same sort of thing.

She giggled until she cried.

The Proles took the flag round all the classrooms to show the kids and waved it during assembly.
Proles1 and 2 had their Photos taken holding it and we got their picture in the school newsletter.
Prole1 said three of the teachers called him a ‘legend’.

Me: What did they say about Prole2?

Prole1: Nothing really.

Prole2; No. Nothing. I burped today.

Me: I love you both very much.