Me and the Proles went to the Pasty Festival AND the Gorsedh in one day. 

By the end I was a bit overloaded if I am honest.

Mind you, I am soft like that, if I even THINK about ‘The Song Of Western Men’ I start sobbing.

I have to pace myself on Helston Flora day and avoid close harmony singing until after lunch, 


Prole1 left with an armful of Cornish Language and Cornish History material and is hoping the new Academy status of his school will allow for more Cornish Culture to enter the curriculum. He now answers the teacher in Cornish whenever the register is called.


Prole2 ate a standard steak pasty all to himself and had to lie down for half an hour.

He is a sucker for a quality bakery product but a standard Philps Pasty is a thing to be respected.
Being less than six years old, I admired his pluck in a small man vs food kind of way but he sort of collapsed sideways during the harp playing at the Gorsedh and I had to carry him back to the car. Sometimes winning comes at a cost.
He is fine now of course but i am rationing him to cocktail steak pasties from Rowes.