The Proles had a school fun run today for which they printed their own ‘fun’ Tshirts.

Small stickers were placed in patterns across the t shirt and wash proof paint was sponged on. When the paint was dry the stickers were peeled off.

Prole2 made a jumbled design of squares and circles which he said were Angry Birds fighting Pigs.

Prole1 spelled  NHS on his as he believes the NHS helps cure cancer and is worth saving.

Fun, fun, fun.

I used to think Prole1 had a future in Politics but sadly the Redruth Chapter of the Bullingdon Club had to close recently due to a spending review, up until then I was quietly confident of at least a junior minister’s post coming up for him at some point.

As to the “Fun Run”, you may be surprised to know that Prole1 does not exactly excel at track and field and Prole2 was too busy holding hands with his running buddy to reach full speed.
I saw him trying to not take a step unless he could get from one daisy to another.

‘Fun’ run or no fun run it’s hard to watch that when the three men you are standing with are all part of Cornwall’s Constabulary and their various offspring have hared past to the bullish cries of their fathers.
I am not a sporty dad but I am not immune to social conditioning.
It is important to remember at these moments that there are no ‘winners’ in a fun run, just some kids that come at the front because they are fast, were in the lead and running in the right direction and other kids, like your two sons puffing past holding hands and skipping from flower to flower whilst making an overt political statement through the medium of customised sportswear.

As long as we have the NHS though I think we are all winners.