Today Prole1 collected six pounds. This was made up of his pocket money, the money he got for his first two teeth from the tooth fairy and the two pounds he had saved in his money box. 

He took it with him when we went out to the soft play area so he could give a pound coin to each of the kids we were meeting there because ‘the grown ups never let us go on the machines’.

All my dreams of a comfy retirement sponsored by him have evaporated and I have a little time left to turn Prole2 into a raging capitalist. I clearly failed with Prole1 and now must change my game plan with Prole2.

In addition I am going to spend the next six months telling Prole1 how ‘the kids never let me go to the pub’ in the shallow hope that the saving bug continues, all his teeth fall out and he gets some decent Birthday money.

Soon Prole1 starts heart screening in Truro.

It is suggested that we leave several hours for it as it could take some time.

Due to the weather and a last minute re-schedule we will probably miss the Carol Singing he has been practising for at school.

Sadly this also impacts on the annual shopping trip that the good women of Cornwall take the Proles on around this time.

Being a ‘Lone Parent’ means we don’t get much time apart and so twice a year the Proles are escorted around the glittering shops of Cornwall by the good women, who have taken upon themselves the almost shamanic task of deciphering the Proles theories on present giving. Once for my birthday, once for Christmas.

From the physical results that turn up on Christmas day this is a journey of wonder and mystery to the very limits of human imagination.
The good woman in question tomorrow is the Mrs Puckey and she will be trying to interpret Prole2’s ideas of “what would Dad like this year?”

Usually Prole1 takes a lead on this task but obviously the heart screening is essential.
I am a little worried about taking him back to the hospital, into the strange smells and temperature of the place.
I still get very unsettled in hospitals as I always equate them with Loz.
Their visit to see her in the Intensive Care Unit  was all a little traumatic, there were some tough professionals on that ward but you know it’s serious when you make all the nurses cry. Some of them had to leave the ward to pull themselves together. 
I really don’t know what lasting effect this might have had on the boys.

I asked Prole1 if he was worried about having to go to the Hospital and he said that it was ok, he was not worried because he had made a list and put it in Prole2’s coat pocket.

He also said that it made sense that he missed the shopping since Prole2 was the only one with any money left.