Prole 1 insists on walking the last 50 yards to school alone. Today he had to carry a 5kg bag of rice for harvest festival.

Watched him swing the bag on to his shoulder and knock himself sideways into the hedge…


In fairness you have to watch them for about 8 hours a day to get anything ‘funny’ out of a week. 

The rest of the time it’s like watching a really dull, really long reality tv show where there are no winners, no narrative, no clever editing and precious little dignity. 


It was 5kg because we were heading for the grains and pulses section of the shop to buy some soup mix and got into a long conversation about ‘the poor’ and whether ‘the poor’ liked soup mix and Prole2 was telling us how hungry ‘the poor’ were and how we better make sure they had enough to eat. 

Prole1 reminded him that we were poor because Prole2 had pulled the radiator off the wall and I had told them we couldn’t afford to get it mended because I had reduced earning potential.

I think at the time I may have laid it on a little thick with our household accounts, economic downturn, effects of a global recession and the need for an emergency plumber but I was under some stress at that point.

On that occasion the Proles had voted to give back their pocket money to pay for the damage Prole2’s actions had caused. 
It made me fill up a little with pride to see them standing in the wreckage of the living room with a handful of small change and a look of hope in their eyes.
On the one hand I was terribly moved that they should do something so thoughtful.
On the other hand I pragmatically took the money and bought a Twix and a packet of trail mix in the cafe the next day.
I like them to feel we are all in it together and bitter life lessons need not be totally without reward for anyone.

I asked if we were so poor maybe we should be buying something from the grains and pulses section for ourselves and what would we want in that situation and Prole2 said ‘The big bag, I can give it to them at Harvest Festival’.

Right, I thought, big bag of rice for ‘the poor’ it is then.
But you can carry it.