Me: Do you know what time it is?

Prole1: Yep, it’s….twelve….five…five twelve…five minutes past twelve.

Me: Thanks.

Hints are not working. I will try irony.

Me: I think you like that book.

Prole1: I do, it’s a really good story. How did you know Dad, have you read it?

Me: Yes I have, but more than that, you have been reading it for the last four and a half hours.

Prole1: It’s very good.

Me: Go to sleep.

The Manager gave Prole1 his personal copy of Harry Potter. He has been carrying it round like it’s the Dead Sea Scrolls ever since.

Prole1 has been reading Little Women recently (Why? I mean I know it’s a classic but…), he had nearly finished it but just wanted to ‘take a look’ at J K Rowling’s work.

I didn’t see his light on when I went up to check but just after midnight there he was, all Pottered up.

Not sure he will ever finish Little Women now…