Prole1 has laid out all the meccano pieces into different bowls.

Each bowl contains the contents of a different bag from the box he unpacked. Nuts, bolts, silver flat pieces, plastic washers, curved pieces, right angles, painted flat pieces and so on. He laid them all across the kitchen table and opened the instructions on page 1.

He is making Stephenson’s Rocket. By the time I called him to go up to bed he had finished the body of the coal and water truck.

Prole1: This is the tender. I will fit the wheels tomorrow then start on the engine. I may need your help to tighten all the bolts.

Me: Fair enough.

Prole2: I need your help too.

Me: Why is that then?

Prole2: I threw all my cuddly toys down the stairs and I need someone to pick them up.

Me: I see. Are you going to put them away?

Prole2: No. I just like throwing things down the stairs.

Prole1: I have eleven pages of instructions to get through.

Prole2: Your boots make a booming noise if you throw them.

Me: Yes. Yes I know.